Apply for 36th Festival Theatertage am See 2020

36th Festival “Theatertage am See” in Friedrichshafen, 

Lake Constance (Germany) 2020


30th March - 3th of April 2020  - JUST  Youth- and Schooltheatre Days Baden-Württemberg

3th - 5th of April 2020  -  International Theatre Days at the Lake 

Motto of the 36th „Theatertage am See“ in 2020 is  

solo  -  duo  -  trio  -  quattro

Additional to the performances of smaller groups at our 36th Theatertagen am See Festival we are also interested in other creative performances and plays playing with these numbers.

One, two or three act plays, theatre with different stations, combinations of different formateslike dance, speech, artistics, music, cabaret, multi-media etc. . Because: the smaller the groups the higher are the  expectatios and demands on the single actors.There are enough plays for those formates. Even in the cinma those chamber-plays are to be found more and more.  They focus directly and tightly the biographies of their protagonists and their relations and communications with others. 

The productions of larger groups as well often put their focus on personal constellations in relation to partners, triangles- or quarters and on positioning themselves as singles in relation to ones living -constellations. In times when the ego, the I  seems to be the most important we hope and expect to see exciting and gripping deisputes with reality. Borders between tragedy and comedy are fluent, often the tragedy is comedy and you can't surpass the comic with with tragedy. 

Perhaps these are onlyimpressions of our western hemisphere – perspective? Which contens and expressions are visable in other cultures?

We also hope to get a special glance over the world wide amateur – theatre. Of course we are very interested in inclusive-, social-, intercultural, transcultural productions which go over several generations as well.


Please fill in the application form as well as the technical rider, add some photographs, posters, flyers, DVDs, newspaper articles etc. to it and send all of it to our postal address. 

For any questions or further information, feel free to contact us via E-mail. 


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