Weekend-Courses - Informations
All the courses of the 34rd Theatertage am See will take place at the Bodensee-Schule St. Martin in Friedrichshafen. On principle all interested people can take part. Additionally to amateur-actors of all branches and age this offer of courses is especially given to men and women who work in padagogical jobs.

Theatre-Workshops  23th - 25th. march 2018

W17  Body-acting and space-awareness

What is the workshop about: It's about acting with the whole body and about orientation on stage. Many actors has come so used to act with their heads, the mimic of their face and with the mouth following the mind that they forget that they are only using 10 % of their potential. This workshop is about working with the other 90% percent of the body. And working with full stage- (space) potential. O no, don't worry! It is not forbidden to talk or make sounds during the exercises. We're just not going to focus on that. Like I said before, we're going to focus on all the other posibilities of what you as an actor can achieve. Achieve by using your whole body as an actors instrument and focus on all that is around you. Props, objects, people, wether it's really there or wether you as an actor decided it's there. Reality or fiction, once a thing is brought on stage you can not deny it. And also, what is your position on stage, the position of the others, etc.., what does that mean and where should your focus be? How do I work?: Theater is fun, so let's not forget that! And besides, having fun together means a group is bonding and good groupdynamics means higher achievements. So yes, I will use a lot of humor. But I do expect full attention from the particapents when we are at work. And I like to work on a very personal level. With that I mean that all particapents are different, they have different personalities and different qualities as actors. For me as a teacher that means that different actors need different approaches. What works for him, might not work for her and vice versa...

Furthermore, I'm always open for suggestions and feedback. So please feel free. 

In the workshops I will split the days in two. First we will train and then we will play with improvisationscenes in wichparticapants can show what they have learned before. Every participant will get personal feedback from me. 

Pim Griens is a Dutch Stage Director, actor, theatre-pedagogic-teacher, dancer, trainee and coach, highschool teacher, improvisation and artistic teacher… to say shortly - an allrounder. The Theatertage am See, Friedrichshafen, know him since last year. He fascinated us by his wide-spread way of acting and staging  of  "Oud Zweet" of the Dutch group KROV in such an impressing way, that we spontaneously asked him, whether he would be interested in giving a workshop at our festival and enrich our course-programme by an extraordinary coloured new kind of performing techniques.

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